Brushback Grill Scraper and Brush

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Don’t let last night’s steak crowd in on the tonight’s ribs – clear your BBQ zone with the Baseball BBQ Brushback Scraper. Our stainless-steel scraper and bristles clean grill char, food remnants, and any other mess off your grill with ease, keeping old food flavors “OUTTA HERE”! With a patented, hardwood, baseball bat handle, the Brushback Scraper replicates the actual dimensions and feel of a wooden baseball bat for fans of the game. Give your grill a quick clean with the Brushback Scraper and let your other tools – the Slider Spatula, Forkball Fork, Splitfinger Tongs, and Hook Pigtail – get to work!

For customization on handles we can do 1 line of text consisting up to 20 characters.


  • Patented bat handle design
  • Professional-grade stainless steel scraper
  • Professional-grade stainless steel bristles
  • Riveted all-natural wood handle
  • Laser-engraved Baseball BBQ logo on the knob
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Total length: 15.25"
  • Scraper size: 2.5 x 2.75"

Customization Options: Message us with the lettering that you might want on the handle.