Looking for the perfect bridal party gift?

Looking for the perfect bridal party gift?

As you probably know, I have been a sports fan all of my life. What you might not know is that along with Carrot Stick Sports, I have been in the wedding industry for over a decade while running the daily operations of the family limousine company, D & D Executive Transportation. I am also pretty sure that you didn't know that I have been in 10 weddings in my life. Now, I don't say that makes me a wedding expert by any means, but it does give me some fairly unique insight into them. 

One of the things I have often heard from brides and grooms, including many of my friends is that they aren't sure what to get the bridal party as gifts for standing up with them. I have gotten flasks, pen sets, clocks, and my favorite a custom pair of Adidas that I still wear today. All of these are great, and can serve of a long time reminder of the special day. While I may not use my flasks anymore, I definitely enjoyed them, and greatly appreciated the thought that went into them.

One of my customers decided to real step up their game when they picked their gifts, and they got custom designed Bat Mugs for the Groomsmen, because they all played ball together. The bride and groom, talked me through what they wanted on the mugs, I found some options, talked to my designer and then placed the order. It took just a few days to get them, and the entire wedding party was thrilled. What I really like about this idea, is that you can really customize the gift to each person because you can get the wine goblet, beer mug, shot glass, bottle opener, or even the shortstop to serve as a tumbler of sorts. The great news is there is not a minimum quantity that you need to get for custom orders, so you can even get something with your company logo to use at the office, like I did.

 Custom Made Carrot Stick Sports Baseball Bat Beer Mug. Made from the barrel of a real bat.

What I really enjoy about these mugs is that the really are a collectible piece. Even if you don't want to go full on custom, and want to get a logo from your favorite MLB or MiLB team, you can absolutely do that. We have access to almost any throwback and minor league logo, so just let us know your favorite team, and we will find something special for you or the person you are giving it to. So whether you are giving a one of a kind gift, helping to start a collection, or looking for a whole set for your Man Cave or Basement Bar, these are perfect for you. Just let me know your favorite team, the logo you want, or just a concept, and we can get to work on building your collection. After all, we all know a baseball far that would love this, maybe it's even your mom (check out the last picture).

Custom Made Carrot Stick Sports Bottle Opener made from the handle of a real baseball batCustom Made Carrot Stick Sports shot glass made from the handle of baseball bat. Mother's Day gift made from the barrel of a baseball bat.