Socks not only look good, but can help you feel good.

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Socks not only look good, but can help you feel good.

Over the last week, it has become abundantly clear that comfortable socks can make a major difference in happiness. 

Last week I was not feeling well, and left the house for what I expected to be a short visit to the doctor without putting on a pair of my favorite socks. It turns out that I had appendicitis and ended up staying in the hospital for a lovely 3 day 2 night experience. The first night while I was waiting my feet started to ache because I had just thrown on the first pair of socks I could find, and that was a mistake because I had a long wait and I tend to pace even when I am in pain, and my dogs were barking. 

Once Surgery was complete, and I got to start moving around, I was really wishing that I had on my Blue Team USA socks instead of the blue hospital socks they gave me. Those walks around the halls of the hospital would have been much more enjoyable if I had on a great pair of socks, but at the time, I was just glad to not feeling like death. 

Since getting home, my sock choices have been much easier. The arch and ankle support of the crew socks that we carry really make a difference in how you feel. They may not have stopped me from needing to have surgery, but at least I could have been comfortable before and after. I know not to make that mistake again. In fact, as soon as I got in today, I started looking for a new pair to come home with me.